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Globochem is one of the oldest Onward teams to date. We have been competing in the highest levels of Onward since the very launch of the game. Our first taste of competitive play came with the unofficial Onward tournaments organized in the Onward Discord.

Globochem has built a roster with some of the best individually-skilled players in Onward. Furthermore, the level of coordination and communication that Globochem has achieved exemplifies the ability of a team to be more than the sum of its parts. Every single member is capable of shifting outcomes and changing the tide of a map.

With the rise of the ESL VR League sponsored by Oculus and Intel, Globochem has found themselves in a position to dominate the Onward competitive scene for the foreseeable future .

If you hope to compete with us, you better be able to take our pressure. We will swiftly surround you,  collapse upon you, and give you absolutely no room to breathe.

Globochem is at the very top of VR Esports Competition. Take a look below to learn more about each individual, and get in touch to learn more.

Jeremy Kotin - "Auto"

Team Captain


Luke Kotin - "Thund3rPilot"

Team Captain

thund3r pilot.png

Keegan Macleod - "Toast"



Rafael Varvounis



David Lily - "Mixologist"


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